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DeafHear’s Hearing Aid Service  
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Understanding Hearing Loss with DeafHear’s Hearing Aid Service

Common Signs of Hearing Loss...
DeafHear’s Hearing Aid Service

About DeafHear’s Hearing Aid ServiceHearing connects us to the people around us. Hearing is vital for communication, and it is important to address any hearing issues sooner rather than later, because research has shown that the earlier it is treated, the better the outcomes. Despite this fact, people wait an average of ten years before seeking treatment for their hearing loss, and less than half of the people who need hearing aids actually have them.


One reason for this is that most people who lose their hearing do so gradually over a period of time. In fact it is often the case that when our hearing starts to deteriorate others tend to notice before we do!

Common Signs and Effects of Hearing Loss

  • Asking other people to repeat themselves.

  • Turning up the volume on the television or radio to levels other people find too loud.

  • Having trouble understanding conversation in noisy or busy places.

  • Misunderstanding parts of conversations.

  • Feeling like other people are always mumbling.

  • Having trouble hearing women’s and children’s voices.

  • Having problems hearing over the telephone.

  • Avoiding social situations that were once enjoyable.

    Missing important information in business meetings.

Some medical conditions increase the risk of Hearing Loss

  • Do you have a family history of hearing loss?

  • Do you take medications that can harm your hearing?

  • Do you have diabetes, heart, circulatory or thyroid problems?

  • Do you suspect dementia or memory loss?

  • Do you ever experience ringing in your ears?

  • Did you experience a single exposure to an explosion or very loud noise?

If you experience any of common signs listed above, there is no time to waste in having your hearing checked! It’s quick, painless and free!
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