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Hearing Care Support provided by DeafHear’s Hearing Aid Service

Hearing Care and Support
DeafHear’s Hearing Aid Service

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DeafHear’s Hearing Aid Service

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Hearing Care and Support...
DeafHear’s Hearing Aid Service

Hearing Care and Support DeafHear’s Hearing Aid ServiceThe Hearing Care Programme focuses on supporting you to manage your hearing loss in ways that maximise your quality of life. For some people, particularly those with more severe levels of hearing loss, wearing hearing aids does not provide a full solution.

Remember, anyone who uses hearing aids can participate in DeafHear’s Hearing Care and Support Programme.
You don’t have to be a customer of

A broader more holistic approach is required, and this is at the core of our Hearing Care Programme.

The service addresses all of the ways in which hearing loss may have impacted on your life:

  • The psychological effects of hearing loss on a person

  • Communication issues with family, friends and work colleagues

  • Changes to a person’s role within their family

  • Impact on employment and promotional prospects

  • Impact on a person’s social life

If you have experienced any of these issues through your hearing loss, our Hearing Care Programme may be for you!

What happens in our Hearing Care Programme?


Each person who participates in our Hearing Care Programme is offered an assessment. The assessment is designed to help you identify how your hearing loss has impacted on you and your life generally, and is completed with one of our qualified Hearing and Communication Therapists. Our Hearing Care Programme includes a number of courses, and the assessment will help you identify which ones are best for you.

Some people, particularly those who have a severe/profound hearing loss or who have experienced a sudden onset hearing loss, may be offered some one-to-one support sessions initially. This will be discussed with them during the assessment as appropriate.

Module 1: Living with Hearing Loss

This course involves a 7–week introductory programme ‘Living with Hearing Loss’. Participants cover the following topics:

  • The Effects of Hearing Loss

  • Buying and Wearing Hearing Aids

  • Exploring Communication Behaviour

  • Social Skills – Dining

  • Communication Breakdown

  • Psychosocial Aspects of Hearing Loss

  • Family Awareness Session

The aim of this course is to give participants general information on hearing loss, managing their hearing aids and strategies to manage everyday situations to communicate effectively.

Module 2: Hearing Help Programme

The primary goal of this programme is to develop the person’s lip reading skills and communication techniques.

The programme is generally carried out in small groups who meet up for weekly 2–hour sessions over an 8–week period.

The group sessions offer the opportunity for peer interaction where people can share ideas and solutions with people with similar experiences.

There are two programmes annually – these generally take place in Spring and Autumn. Participants start at beginner’s level and move to a more advanced level over a 3 year period.

The sessions are adapted to suit the needs of individuals in each particular group.

Module 3: Social Activity Programme

This programme is designed to support on peer interaction and also offers the opportunity for on–going practise in communication strategies through facilitated activities such as IT Skills / Stress Management / Art / Tai Chi / Theatre, etc. It is run on a monthly basis.

What people say about the Hearing Care Programme

When I first started wearing a hearing aid I felt embarrassed if anybody knew I was wearing one. But then I started the classes with Geraldine and after a couple of classes I learned to cope and I didn't care who knew, so thank you Geraldine.

I have found the back up provided by DeafHear to be of great psychological value, it helps to know there are other people affected in the same way. Brigid is marvelous!!!! The technology information is absolutely vital & does help communication in a way that can’t be emphasized enough.

I attend lip reading classes which I find most helpful and informative.

Classes have improved quality of life and me more confidence in coping as I was becoming quite isolated, thank you.

I attend the hearing help & lip reading classes in Waterford; I find it very helpful and am very grateful to Maureen Whittle for her patience and time.

Lip reading classes have given me great confidence to cope with my loss.

I found the lip reading class helpful and the contego which was loaned to me let me hear the news for the first time in years.

I cannot thank you enough for all your help. I felt so alone until I met with Geraldine. Now I have support and friendship which I found in classes. I now know your staff are only a phone call away.

A wonderful course which gave me the confidence I needed, the lip-reading was a brilliant help.


People over 60 have a significant hearing loss.