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DeafHear’s Hearing Aid Service  
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Hearing Aid Options provided by DeafHear’s Hearing Aid Service

DeafHear’s Propel Hearing Aid range...
DeafHear’s Hearing Aid Service

Propel hearing aids by MicroTech feature the latest noise reduction and speech preservation technology designed to deliver incredible sound clarity even in the noisiest conditions.

The Propel range of hearing aids are engineered to make listening easy and enjoyable again.

Their advanced features are designed to:

  • Reduce listening effort in noisy situations

  • Improve listening to music and TV

  • Enhance phone calls

  • Virtually eliminate whistling and buzzing

  • Customised to fit comfortably in your ears

Propel aids can stream stereo sound from your TV, radio, computer and even your mobile phone directly to your hearing aids. You can enjoy hands-free phone conversations and listen to the TV or radio at the volume are comfortable with while the rest of the family listen at the volume they are comfortable with!

What’s right for You?

The Propel range are designed to accommodate and enhance a variety of listening environments. What you need will depend on your hearing loss, how busy and active you are, and the kinds of environments you frequent in your daily routine.

For further information on Propel range of MicroTech hearing aids download the brochure here or contact your local DeafHear Resource Centre for further information.


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The average time people wait to address their hearing loss.