DeafHear’s Hearing Aid Service
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DeafHear’s Hearing Aid Service  
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Testimonials of users of DeafHear’s Hearing Aid Service

DeafHear’s Hearing Aid Service

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DeafHear’s Hearing Aid Service

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DeafHear’s Hearing Aid Service

The following are some testimonials from customers of DeafHear’s Hearing Aid Service and from people who availed of the Hearing Care Programme.

Thanks to the newsletter I found out about the audiology service. Now I have hearing aids that are excellent beyond description. South East

I found the lady very patient and helpful. She did not try to sell me the most expensive one but gave me the information I need to help me make the correct choice. Thanks a million. Dublin

Very satisfied with help. Not pressured to buy. Excellent service. Hope my mother will use the device now! Very nice person. West

DeafHear has helped me in everything I need to lead a normal life as a normal person who is wearing 2 hearing aids. North East

Lip reading classes- I have found the classes practical and enjoyable and very helpful. We are all treated in a very kind respectful and supportive manner. Geraldine's work is very much appreciated, as is the help we get from the other staff members. Mid West

I attend the lip reading classes 2 times yearly. I find the service very good I have learned a lot from it. I didn't realise the things that are available for hard of hearing. It is an excellent service. Dublin