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Hearing Aid Options provided by DeafHear’s Hearing Aid Service

Top 10 Tips for buying Hearing Aids...
DeafHear’s Hearing Aid Service

Buying new hearing aids is a very important decision with massive potential to greatly enhance your quality of life and those around you. Here are some points to consider before and after you purchase hearing aids.

  1. Select a qualified audiologist for your hearing assessment, preferably one recommended by a friend. Remember, only uses qualified audiologists, and we offer a no strings attached FREE hearing test.

  2. If you can, bring a family member or friend with you for some personal support when you are attending your hearing assessment.

  3. Make sure you fully understand your needs, your type of hearing loss, and your options. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

  4. If you are deciding to purchase hearing aids, involve a family member or friend if you can for extra advice and support. Make sure you know the full terms and conditions of any purchase, including the details of ant trial period.

  5. Ensure a proper fitting of your hearing aids. If they do not fit properly you will not benefit from optimal peformance. If they are not comfortable, you are less likely to wear them! Getting used to your new hearing aids is an important part of the adjustment to wearing hearing aids for the first time.

  6. Follow up with your audiologist if you are having any problems. After care support should is an important part of a quality hearing care service.

  7. Take the time you need to adapt. If you are finding it difficult to adjust, why not contact the DeafHear Hearing Care Services. Free hearing aid management and maintenance workshops, support groups and lipreading classes are all available.
    For more information contact your're nearest Resource Centre, click here for your Centre.

  8. Know the returns policy, and any additional terms and conditions.

  9. Understand your warranty.

  10. Expand your Hearing Aids capabilities by being aware of additional assistive technologies. This can enhance your enjoyment of many activities, from listening to music, watching TV or going to the theatre. For further information, click here.

You can also download DeafHear’s guide to ‘Guide to Buying Hearing Aids’ by clicking here   Read More...

10 YEARS -

The average time people wait to address their hearing loss